Who Are We?

     Katlyn is the opposite of Oprah. She feels it is important that you kw that. She blogs about her boobs, her husband, her lost youth, her baby, and anything she feels like cuz she a bad bitch. When she isn’t blogging, she is playing with her baby or ignoring her baby so that she can watch Grey’s Anatomy. She hates animal cruelty but hates being a vegan more. She wet her pants in 6th grade and has never had sufficient therapy to move past that life decision. She thinks she’s better than most people she meets but is too lazy to prove it.

     Tina is chock full of terrible ideas and all too eager to share them with you. She’s interested in many frivolous things: superheroes, cats, space, television…um…did we mention cats? Most recently she’s become completely captivated by nail art.  She doesn’t fully understand what it means to be a blogger (web logger? online luberjack? stop me if I guess it) but she’ll try her best…or you know she’ll try. Jeez, get off my nuts. 

Heather will explore the motif of aging on this blog. She does much wishing on stars and other fantastical things that most children the age of six would find childish. As the oldest blogger of the group, she really loves to show her age with studying dead celebrities, quilting, cat feeding, knitting, and driving dangerously under the speed limit. Blogging topics of her interest include: aforementioned dead celebrities, potential quarter-life crisis, hugging, and her current job of assisting elderly patrons keep upright in a professional theatre.

     Bailey works on the Internet (but not in porn) but is bad at blogging. She believes in girl power (mostly in the form of Beyonce) and knows she has deplorable taste in television and sometimes in music too. She knows that by admitting that, she’s just ruined all of her credibility on her posts. Whatevs. She’ll be trying her damnedest at being as funny and creative as the other three on this blog.