There’s a Fourth One?

I love the 1998 movie Godzilla. Yes, the Matthew Broderick film that turned Godzilla from a dueling fire-breathing hellion from Japan into a tremendous egg-laying asexual reptile that simply knocked out building windows with her [!?] tail.

Love. It.

It might be the fact that The Wallflowers had a hit on the soundtrack. I loved Jakob Dylan more than all the collective Beiber fans today.

It might be Jean Reno. Love that man.

[Courtesy of IMDB…not Godzilla, however]

Or it might be the fact that my twelve year old self at the time was projecting on the idea of the world being a bit unjust.

It was probably the former[s].

But the injustice of the movie clearly moves me. Imagine that you, yourself get up one morning [don’t concentrate on the fact that your home might be thirteen leagues under the sea] and decide to go on a walk. A leisurely stroll. And you do. No one questions you for it, you find it pleasurable, and might even pet a few neighborhood cats on the way.

[Godzilla neighborhood cats?]

Sounds lovely.

Well, in my twelve year old mind, that is exactly what Godzilla herself wanted to do. Go on a damn walk.

Could she help it that she was too big and the place she chose to walk around in did not fit her walking needs?


[New York = too tiny!]

Could she help it that her tail kept knocking into sky scrapers and threatening the lives of the tiny human beings fleeing around her?


[Gives perspective of what ants think of us humans].

Could she help it that the only suitable nest for her spawn was Madison Square Gardens?


[Still waiting on the sequel, yo].

She just wanted to walk. Get some fresh air. Take a break from the giant squid that was throwing too many coral reef parties. A girl needs her space.

I’m finding much of this in my life right now. As I am preparing to make the largest move of my life to NYC in the coming months, I’m terrified. But in this moment, what do I find comforting? Godzilla. Get it, girl.

What a role model.

But seriously, [Warning! Cheesy analogy coming!] Godzilla didn’t let that stop her. She just walked.

So this blog with three of my dear friends is a chance for me to walk [Boom! Cheese analogy accomplished!].

Hello, my name is Heather. I am the 25 year old Knoxvlle dwelling girl on this blog and from me you’ll probably see too many references to old Hollywood movies and wishes to be a sexy giant lizard walking around New York City [coming summer 2012!]

Play on, Matthew Broderick. Play on.